Foxy Pet Photos shots were published in Modern Dog magazine. Mindy Lee has volunteered her skills with dog rescues Beagles & Buddies and Hand in Paw Rescue to help dogs find their forever homes.

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"If you are like me, you consider your pet to be part of the family. They get a christmas stocking just like the rest of us, are included in our engagement photos, and are the ones always there to greet you with excitement when you walk through he door. When we look back on our memories, we have a small selection of photographs that we want to remember forever. We find out favorites and cherish them as some of our prized possessions. If you are looking for a photographer to create those memories for that part of your family, then look no further. Mindy not only captured those moments for our dog, but was able to do so before her unfortunate passing. I am beyond thankful I took the opportunity to capture my dog Laya through the lens. Can't thank her enough. Thank you!" -- Nabil S., Crossfit Coach


"Mindy shares a great love for animals and when she told us that she took pet photos, we completely jumped at the idea having pictures taken of our sweet pup! Bruno, our maltipoo, does not get along with most strangers, but as soon as he met Mindy, he was calm, cool, and well mannered. She's definitely the animal whisperer in our book.  She was very patient with Bruno and really captured his true free spirit.
I LOVE how the pictures turned out and am now teetering with the idea of putting his picture in some media.. Hey, maybe he can be the next BOO? We really appreciate the professionalism, the patience, and the fast response in getting his pictures to us. If anyone is looking to take pictures of your sweet pet, I highly recommend Mindy! She's very sweet, professional, and not scared to get down and dirty to get a great shot! Thanks so Much Mindy! -- Bruno and David, Chiropractor


"Mindy was so great when she took photos of my Frenchie, Sneakers.  She was very flexible, patient, and willing to meet in our neck of the woods - that was so nice of her to do that.  We agreed to meet in Downtown Huntington Beach where we could take photos in various areas.  I wasn't sure how the photos were going to come out, but when she sent them to me, i thought they were so great - they captured his essence, energy, and personality so well.  I'd suggest checking her out if you're ever interested in getting photos of your pet taken." -- Eli and Sneakers


"Mindy has a natural talent for this because she not only has a passion for photography but love for ALL dogs. That's why she is able to capture those moments where you and your best pal(s) can remember forever!"  -- James Jayce Lee


"Mindy's photography gives out great inspiration and respect towards any and every animal out there! Anyone who is to look into her site has the opportunity to become greatly motivated in being around or wanting to be a part of an animal's life. I enjoyed her site very much =)   "  --Kaniela Akuna, Artist


"Awesome taking fuzzy animals." --Rodo Riot, Photographer


" Mindy has a great talent.  I am glad she chose to go this route."    -- Shannon Sardella, Oh to be a Dog


"I love Mindy's pet photography, what a great idea!" --Andrew Chapin, Sound Engineer


"I am proud of Mindy. She's always had an artistic side, and it's great to see her implementing what she loves into what she does as a job"  --Yvonne Yau, Pharmacist