Take lots of Puppy pictures!

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Six months ago my housemate Minh got a puppy.  The tiny pup is an Australian Shepherd with blue eyes and a pinkish nose. He has a fondness for cuddling, jumping, and can drink gallons of water if you let him.

You always hear “Take lots of pictures” when you have a newborn baby or pet. We were so busy potty training, cleaning up accidents, and building doggie play spaces in the past 6 months! I finally got around to looking thru his first photos, and regret not taking more. He was half the size of Foxy, and now he towers over her. The little dog bed pictured below can no longer fit this hyper Aussie.

Austin is named after his owner’s hometown in Texas because he reminds Minh of “home”. Cute huh? Austin took obedience classes at Petco in his first few months, then Obedience courses with a private dog handler named Penny. He is currently taking Agility courses and learning more advanced commands. We can’t wait to show you more photos of Austin soon!

So take lots of puppy pictures! You won’t regret it.




2012 Calendar for Charity

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Late last year Foxy Pet Photos teamed up with Oh To Be A Dog to create a calendar for charity. It was tons of fun shooting the dogs, and I a great experience working with all kinds of breeds and temperaments. I just got my hands on the beautiful calendar over the holidays. It is now proudly posted in my house. The calendar benefits ASPCA, Dogs for the Deaf, and Canine Companions for Independence. Purchasing the calendar not only helps organizations that help animals, but helps organizations that use animals to help people!

Together Oh To Be A Dog and Foxy Pet Photos are making the world a better place for animals and their people. We are passionate about making the world a better place for both animals and people. This is our small way of giving back.

We only have 5 calendars left! Get them HERE


DOGS FOR THE DEAF: Rescuing and professionally training dogs to assist people and enhance their lives is what Dogs for the Deaf is all about. Placing professionally trained dogs free of charge to people with a variety of disabilities and to professionals who work with people with disabilities. DFD rescues dogs from animal shelters throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California. All the dogs are trained with positive reinforcement. www.dogsforthedeaf.org

CANINE COMPANIONS FOR INDEPENDENCE: Founded in 1975, CCI is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships. CCI is the largest non-profit provider of assistance dogs, and is recognized world-wide for the excellence of its dogs, and the quality of longevity of the matches it makes between dogs and people. The results is a life full of increased independence and loving companionship. www.cci.org

ASPCA: Since 1886 the ASPCA has been giving animals a “voice” through many programs with one goal in mind: to help animals. They provide local and national leadership in three key areas: caring for pet parents and pets, providing positive outcomes for at-risk animals and serving victims of animal cruelty. www.aspca.org

Published in Modern Dog magazine

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I am so excited to see my photo in the Modern Dog magazine for winter!  They used a photo of a little dog that I found on the street and took care of while looking for his owner. We called him Dumb-Dumb because he really was so dumb compared to my terrier. He was cheerful all the time, oblivious to anything negative, didn’t understand “No”, and had a cute smile and professional snuggling skills. He was micro-chipped and returned to his owner after being lost for half a year. I am guessing he had another owner in that time, but somehow ended up living at a tire change yard, living off of the taco truck. When I found him his hair was matted, gray, and he had dread-locks. It was rainy, cold, and he was living on a very busy industrial street in Oakland.

When I first started photography- I was very worried about copyright theft. However as I refine my skills, I am see that my skills then are nothing compared to what I know today. I know that in another year I will look back and think the same of the photos I take today. With this attitude of wanting to share my work, I contacted several dog magazines to see if they would like to use my work. I was thrilled to hear back from an editor at Modern Dog who liked my work and wanted to use a photo of DumbDumb and me at the dog park in Alameda, California. I wasn’t even taking myself seriously as a photographer, but I was so excited at the opportunity! I almost didn’t believe it would actually happen until I saw the posting today online!


The article is a well written analysis on the gender divide; what men and women look for in a dog, how dogs fulfill men and women in different ways, and why people with dogs are considered more attractive. Read it HERE.

Modern Dog front page January 5, 2011

Here is a screen shot of the photo in the actual article. I’m waiting for the official magazine in the mail. They cropped the photo- but the original is in my blog post from October about Saving Lost Dogs (HERE). If the print version is different, I will post it later!

Modern Dog: Gender Divide

Seeing my name getting credit is stupendous! I am very encouraged by the results I am seeing in just setting a goal and taking action. Imagine what you can do if you set even more goals! Thank your to my friends and family for their support, photographer peers, and fellow creatives that root for me.

Dog Photo Collections

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Recently I’ve been noticing photo collections all over the internet. One collection was just of dogs in shot midair while jumping or running. It was cute. Today I came across the work of Carli Davidson. She shoots primarily in a studio, but in doing so was able to capture extreme details in her subjects.


Two of her collections,  Dogs Shaking and Dogs with Disabilities are quite exquisite.


I am now brewing up ideas for my personal photo project collection. Ideas for my brainstorm are welcome!


Saving injured dogs off the street

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Today I was moved to tears when I saw a short news clip featuring a dog in a highway who gets struck by a car. As he lays there, another dog comes and drags him off the road using his paws. It is truly remarkable and touching– all caught on video.

Click to watch it HERE and share it with friends. It will bring a smile to your face because you see a brush of death, and simple kindness from these wonderful animals we love.

In grade school, I once had the chance to save a cat that had been hit by a car. It was at an church event, and on the playground we  spotted an unmoving cat on the street. Everyone was afraid to touch it, but it hurt my heart more seeing it not get help. I remember finding a blanket and picking it up and placing it in the kitchen counter. The other children were afraid of the bloody eye and broken paw. I don’t remember how bloody it was, just that it was almost hopeless. All I could do was wash it off, calm it and speak to her soothingly. We handed her to the care of some parents.


In the past years, I’ve picked up a couple stray dogs off the street. Here’s Dumb-Dumb, a simpleton sweet white fluffy boy who loved to snuggle. Foxy was so jealous of him! He had been living near a Car Wash for a week according to the employees there. He was covered in soot, his fur was dread locked, and he smelled really bad! Turned out he had been micro-chipped and I delivered him to his happy owners. They hadn’t seen him in six months! Here he is after his bath and haircut!

At work a few years ago, my boss came in and asked if my dog was lost. nope, Foxy was with me at the office. Turns out he had spotted a small dog running along the busy road near our warehouse. Foxy and I went out to find her. She wouldn’t approach me right away, until I let Foxy out to calm her down. This big puppy girl had beautiful light green eyes. She was a little fearful but got along with Foxy (pictured as a puppy) and the foster dog I had at the time (Nacho the Chihuahua). We took her to the local shelter where she was sure to find a home since she was an adorable puppy.

A few months ago, I saved a dog after she’d already been injured. My roommate and I were driving home from visiting the pet store when we saw a stray dog wandering in a busy six lane street. “Oh no..” we uttered together as she walked amongst the traffic and darted cars as they slammed on their brakes. We stopped the car and decided to try to capture her. She ran from us both, and when I grabbed at her, she snapped at me lightly. My adrenaline pumped as cars started pulling up behind us. I worried they’d honk, but at least they slowed down. Another woman coming from on coming traffic also stopped, got out of her car and called out to the dog. Even with treats she was hard to catch. When I finally got her we took her home and gave her a bath. Her eye was injured with the skin flipping out a little, we guessed she’d been hit already.


I immediately posted these pictures of her on Craigslist. She looked like a Corgi sized german shepherd. I called her Lola.


While I was at work, Lola started barking non stop. This caused the other 3 dogs in our house to also bark. It was not tolerable, and finally my roommate took Lola to the Pasadena Humane Society. The happy ending was, that although no one came to claim her, someone took interest in her from the Craigslist ad. This gentleman went to Pasadena Humane Society and tracked Lola down. Although it didn’t end the way I expected (lost dog reunited with loving family), life has a way of giving you better happy endings right? The best ones are the ones you didn’t expect!

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