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Ferrets as Pets

Last month I met two ferrets at a coffee shop in Old Town Pasadena. They are a brother sister pair named Oso and Toca. After learning that ferrets can be potty trained, and seeing how interactive they could be– I proposed having a proper photo shoot for my portfolio.


Their Mom was just was excited and I learned that ferrets are legal to own in California, but may not be sold. Many Californians will drive to Arizona or Nevada to purchase them. They must be spayed/neutered once in California. I gushed about the coming shoot to a coworker– she promptly directed me to news articles where ferrets have been known to eat babies ears, nose, or scratch their faces up. The infants never die, but it’s pretty traumatizing. It has something to do with the smell of milk in new born babes. Soooo, if you plan on having babies, don’t get ferrets just yet. Otherwise, they are adorable and in my opinion more lovable than mice, rats, or hamsters– maybe even more so than guineea pigs.
There’s some kind of fish oil supplement that you can drop on their fur and the ferrets will lick it off. They went nuts for it like cats to catnip.


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Monkeys in Bali


Hey everyone, sorry for being MIA! After my trip to Singapore and Bali, it’s been shoot after shoot. I loved Bali and we are definitely going back for fresh juice, mangosteens, to explore the smaller islands and enjoy the lovely beaches.

Bali was the best vacation ever– hidden beaches, riding around a volcano, observing the culture and people, scuba diving at a sunken ship, getting bitten by a monkey, learning to surf, and riding across the island on scooter was a blast! I have pictures posted on my personal Facebook, but this blog will be dedicated to the monkeys of Sangeh. We also met the monkeys of Ubud while they roamed the streets in the early morning, swinging  from telephone poles and electric lines.

The monkeys in Sangeh’s Monkey Forest belong to one of three tribes. Each group has a leader that the locals call the King. All the monkeys get three square meals of cassava, bananas, and rice daily. The troublemakers that steal from tourists or show aggression get quarantined. These monkeys will try a few tricks to get a cookie from the tour guides. They are soft and so human like that it is a bit intimidating because they show no reserve. Monkeys are a lot of fun but I still prefer the good naturedness of dogs and dolphins. However, it was a blast and a wonderful experience– in fact I am now much more open to photographing exotic animals and a wider variety of pets!



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